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Working From Your Home Office…

Home Offices Can Be Great

Got A Home Office?

Working from your home office has never been so cool.  Some people do it just because they have to.  Others do it with style.  If you’ve been blessed with being able to work from home like I have, eventually, you might get around to creating a really comfortable work area for whatever you do, whether you work from home for others, or you work for yourself.  Here’s a picture of my work area.  At first glance, it might look cool. Hah!  Yeah, compared to whom?  Check out some of my favorite ‘work from home’ all stars and the really cool places they have created for themselves.

Home Offices Can Be Great
Home Offices Can Be Great

One of the greatest things about being able to work from home, besides that big boost in creativity and productivity you get by avoiding hours and hours in traffic, and redirecting that time to actually getting things done – is being able to apply your own personal sense of style to your work environment.

Here are a few favorite home offices of mine that I’d to share with you and get your feedback on:


At first glance, you might think Jeremy is a member of the ZZTopp band or a redneck or be the last person you’d think for a tech guru.  However, you’d be wrong, VERY.  Jeremy not only is the coolest, most down to earth, tech dude, family man, and husband you’d ever want to find, he is a classic example of how NOT to judge a book by it’s cover.  Everything Jeremy does has style, form and function.  He’s totally passionate about tech, but even more passionate about his FAMILY.  Check out Jeremy’s home office, and where he & his family produce creative content and other good stuff for the masses on his YouTube Channel.



David’s home office features a dream desk setup that focuses on efficiency, and style with a minimal of desk clutter, with excellent cable management, and lots of work area to lay out projects, designs, plans or whatever else he’s working on at the moment.  I like the smaller footprint keyboard and mouse (both wireless), and the hardwood desktop design.



Jay is one of my favorite tech dudes.  Love his work area, and how he overlooks his living room.  Check out how he makes it all come together very nicely with a great balance of work and home.  Enough works, I will let Jay give the run down. Pretty interesting.

(Above) JayTwoCents home office



Now Keyser is another one of my favorite experts.  He has put together a work area that is futuristic, functional, and definitely a unique expression of his style.  I particularly like the all white look.  Kinda reminds me of a summer ‘white party’ I went to with a bunch of rap artists.

(Above) Keyser Reveal’s Home Office

Well, that’s it for now.  Let me know what you think.  If you got another office setup you like and would like to share with others, be sure to drop me a line and I will post the video here.  Thanks for looking and I’d love your feedback on this.

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