Books Are Good – Even If There’s No Time

Make Time To Read Books

People Don’t Have Time To Read Books

I’m always pressed for time. Clearly, it’s our most valuable asset. I love to read, and books are my preferred choice of learning. There’s something passionate about the touch to me that has never left me since I was a kid. I’m shocked to find so many younger people today who simply don’t read. I talked to one person I mentor and he said, “….Dave don’t hand me a book! I just don’t have time to read it. Even though I need it. Between my wife, my kids, and my job – when can I find the time?” Great question!

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That’s exactly started buying books (in printed form), and then reading them in a variety of ways. Here’s how I preserve my passion for books, and keep the knowledge flowing.

Books & The Bathroom University

Make Time To Read Books
Anyone Can Make A Million by Morton Shulman

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend in the bathroom sitting on the toilet? Maybe you take baths. Consider the time you’d spend in the bathtub! It all adds up and it’s a lot of time. I started years ago reading in the bathroom. I simply take a book (or two, or three) and leave it in the bathroom.

Whenever I have to go, I grab a book that’s in there, and start reading a chapter. Usually, the chapters are only a few pages, so you can knock them out in a few minutes. Here’s one of the books I’m reading now. It’s called ‘Anyone Can Make A Million’ by Morton Shulman. It originally cost a mere .95 cents! Certainly worth the money particularly since this guy is telling us that “…anyone get make a million bucks!” Why didn’t I find this when I was 15 years old. I could have saved myself a lot of time.

You may be asking yourself, “…who the hell is Morton Shulman, or why should I care?” Well, that’s another good question.  If you think about what you’re going to do with your life, and our accomplishments after it’s all over – few of us can say we plan on doing AND ACHIEVING EVERYTHING!

Meet Morton Shulman

Seriously, Shulman was a Politician.  He was also a Businessman.  And a Broadcaster. And he wrote a column as a Reporter. He was also a Coroner.  And, last but not least, he was a Physician.

Now when I guy who has done ALL THIS with his life wants to tell you how you can “…Make A Million”, we would all be wise to take heed to what he has to say.  At least I am.


I’ve read this book several times.  I’m that way. I get a book. Then read it.  This leads to thinking about what’s in it.  Next, I apply what I can to my life.  Ultimately, I try to share with others what I’ve learned from the people in plain language.  If I’m lucky, I get to see them applying what I’ve learned from the book in their own lives.  This has been very rewarding to me. Particularly because I’ve have tried to share so much with people, and have repeated things so much sometimes that often, I do get to see people apply apply what I’ve shared with them in their lives.  They’ve actually repeated and shared things that I’ve told them.

The Book Is The Source

Many, many times they forget that I am the one that told them what they have accepted into their lives as facts and are now sharing with others.  To me, this is one of life’s rewards and at the heart of the ‘joy of learning.’  Always be learning.  When I ask them do you remember where you got that?  What you’re telling people and what you believe?  Often they say, “…No, or I don’t remember”.  That’s when I hit them with the book that I originally read and where I got it from in the first place to share it with them.

I will never forget the time a woman I once dated was telling me at lunch that her main stock investment strategy was to buy the stocks of companies that others might buy in the future.  I smiled. My heart was warm inside.  She asked me… “Why are you smiling?  What did I say?”  I asked her, do you remember where you got that strategy from?  She said that she developed it over the years. Again I smiled.

One Book Can Change Your Life

The next time I saw her, as soon as I saw her, I said, “…meet Morton Shulman”, as I handed her the book. She look puzzled. I had a book mark on page 154, in the last paragraph where Shulman specifically says and I quote “…In Summary the rules for sure profits in takeovers or potential takeovers are these:  1) Try to buy stock in companies which are likely to receive takeover offers.”  We both had a good laugh about that. Although she is now very very rich, she was poor when we dated long ago. I could see passion in her eyes then, I just had no idea what this passion was for. It certainly wasn’t me. I was too deep, and serious.  She was too excitable and wild-eyed.  Although we made an attractive couple, we couldn’t make a go of it and decided quickly to go our separate ways. We remain friends and I usually run into her every 4 or five years. Back then, she was the type that couldn’t dream of sitting down to read a book. Yet, her life had been changed tremendously by a book.

Mr. Shulman had touched me through his book, which I found headed for the dumpster (by someone who didn’t think it had value).  Yet, it was diverted. Read by me.  The words were given audio form by me retelling what Shulman said. Someone else applied it.  And thus, she became rich with this one simple stock investment strategy. This is amazing to me. I feel that Morton Shulman had distilled some of his life’s best lesson’s into his books.  Suffice it to say, I’m on the hunt for more books by Morton Shulman.

Books Have Many Forms

If you don’t have the time to read a physical book, you might want to try another form of books – Audio Books.  If you like to read, but don’t like the paper format, or have limited space, you could try eBooks.  I use then all, but I find any way I get what the author is sharing a win along the road to enriching our lives. Apparently, others agree.  I purchase audio books all the time. And I share the audio books as well as my hard copy books.  Also, I don’t have to worry about being sued.  No one can sue me if I give my book to a friend to read.  I also share audio books I purchased on line and also on one of my YouTube channels.

Listening to a chapter of an audio book in my office
Listening to a chapter of an audio book in my office

Here is an audio book of mine that I shared on YouTube.  I listen to this sometimes when I’m driving. Or perhaps when I’m in one of my offices. It never fails to interest me and trigger a whole new set of thoughts.  If you are very pressed for time, and really don’t have time to read I would consider audio books as an alternative.

Audio Books Are A Convenient Way To Hear New Authors

The audio podcast of this author has received over 9,000 views of as this blog post.  That’s a lot of people who are now exposed to this authors work that might not have heard of him before.  If you’d like to hear the podcast, please be my guest and check it out HERE.

When I think about the different things going on in the world, I can see certain similarities between President Trump and what I hear in the audio book.  I think Donald Trump has read this book, or listened to it. Just my opinion.

Anyhow, that’s my thought as I sit here getting reading to go to work.  Read books if you can. It’ll make you more of an interesting person. It will slow your roll, and make you think. If you don’t have time, then try making your ‘drive time’ your ‘learning time’.  Instead of always listening to music, try feeding your mind. It will enrich your life and those around you in many ways.




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