Slow Computers Cost You Millions

Are Slow Computers Costing You Money?

Slow Computers Can Cost Millions!

Are Slow Computers Costing You Money?
Slow Computers Cost Millions

You might not have given much thought about how much money your slow computer is costing you lately.  Slow computers are costing businesses millions of dollars that could have been invested in other areas. The culprit is lost productivity caused by slow computers and other tech issues.


Let’s look at some interesting facts. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median wage for workers in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2017 was $857 per week or $44,564 per year for a 40-hour workweek.  During a recent survey of workers by Robert Half, employees reported that they wasted on average, a whopping 22 minutes a day due to tech issues.  Based on my calculations, that comes to $7.85 per day in lost productivity based on the average salary.

Yearly Cost Per Employee Due To Slow Computer

Using these figures, we can calculate the total yearly cost per employee at a whopping $1,884 due to tech issues and slow computers!  That’s huge!

Calculating My Costs Due To Lost Productivity

When you consider that in the U.S., there are 30.2 million small businesses that employ over 58.9 million people, this comes to $110,967,600,000 million in lost productivity cost!    This is a staggering number that gets my attention and it should get yours too!  I am one of those small businesses.  So, basically, using my own back of the table napkin math I am losing $3,674.42 per year in lost productivity. This is shocking to me.  I am actually in the I.T profession and hold I.T. certifications.

Average U.S. Income by State 2018
Average U.S. Income by State 2018

What’s My Time Worth

This has relevancy because I know what my time’s worth. Depending on where you live, the value of your time will vary as seen in the map. Some states have average salaries that are high than others.  I also know how much of my own time that I could be billing others to solve their I.T. problems, but yet, I have to spend this time instead solving my own problems.  It’s not that I’m a lazy administrator either.


Even though I stay on top of things, and ahead of the IT security issues that pop up, or fixing things as a result of ‘patch Tuesday’ and all the things that go ‘broken’ in the night, I STILL HAVE A LOST PRODUCTIVITY COST!  Given my experience as an I.T. professional, the numbers are not unrealistic and may even be higher.  My lost productivity cost of $3,674.42 due to slow computers and other tech issues is a good number.

Ignoring Tech Issues Is Not A Solution

If you, like me have been ignoring this sneaky little issue of how much your slow computers or other tech issues have been costing you, you are not alone.  I’m often aware of the problems. I just don’t have the time to waste 22 minutes a day (or actually 2-3 days) patching, scanning, re-imaging, and all the other tasks to stay on top of tech issues. I’ve been doing this manually.  Some may argue that “….it’s not wasting time if you’re maintaining your systems” and saving on lost productivity.  Actually it is wasting because there are better ways to address the ‘slow computers’ and other tech issues in my office.  Author and ‘time management expert’ Craig Jarrow wrote an interesting article on “7 Ways to Prevent Computer Problems From Impacting Your Work” which I highly recommend reading.  Mr Jarrow gives away a FREE eBook on his website on “The Top 3 Productivity Mistakes People Make (And How to Fix Them!) which I highly recommend you get your free copy here.

Tools For Solving Slow Computer Problems


With this cost of $3,674.42 hanging in front of me, it soon became a flashing beacon, and red flag $3,672.42! I soon became obsessed with the fact that I’m losing money and didn’t even recognize it.

“My Slow Computers are Costing Me $3,674.42 a year!”

Fortunately, there’s a company whose got wonderful tools to help us manage these types of problems and reign in these absurd costs.  And it won’t cost me $3,674.42 to fix the problem.  The company is Iolo technologies, LLC . Iolo’s products are a GREAT VALUE compared to what slow computers and other tech issues are costing me now!  They provide some really important benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Solutions For a Fraction of the Cost

They have some really great products that can help you solve problems such as:

iolo System Mechanic Professional 18: Protects and tunes your computer – automatically! It combines 4 award-winning iolo PC tune-up and data security products into one! System Mechanic Professional is everything you need to keep your PC safe, fast, and error-free.

iolo technologies | PC Tune-Up Software Experts

Find and Destroy Existing Malware with Malware Killer™: Provides advanced, on-demand malware detection and removal of a variety of modern threats. Malware Killer safely and effectively removes invasive malware other AVs can miss. For the nuclear option once your computer has already become infected, turn to Malware Killer for help.

Find and Destroy Existing Malware with Malware Killer™.

System Shield Antivirus & Antispyware: Eradicates stubborn PC pests and blocks future infections with no system slowdowns. System Shield provides protection while maintaining maximum PC performance. Shop, bank, and socialize online without the threat of spyware, viruses, and other threats.

System Shield Antivirus & Antispyware

I’ll be evaluating their software and post side-by-side comparisons of system performance.  I’ll show you screen shots WITHOUT Iolo’s System Mechanic, and screen shots WITH Iolo’s Product.  I’m sure you will be amazed.  Stay tuned!

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