ADAPT OR DIE – How Kodi Is Changing The Way We Consume Media

(WASHINGTON, DC)  I’m in the I.T. industry and I’m amazed at all the different ways our clients ask us to try new things to make their lives better.  Take for instance the day trader and investor whose laptop I worked on recently removing viruses and addressing a little Intel problem he was having.  During the chit-chat which usually occurs between an IT Specialist and the end-user while working on his machine, he mentioned how he thought that Intel’s problems might take years to fix, and he was thinking it might affect their stock price.  I think he’s right.  I asked him how he heard about the Intel problem and he told me CNBC.  Then it happened.  “I almost missed it.  Too bad I can’t watch CNBC from my car, since I was walking out the door to a meeting when the story came on.”

Tech Armor iPhone X Ballistic Glass

Kodi In The Car

I was shocked at what he said.  “Ever heard of Kodi?”, I asked.

You can play just about anything that you want via a Kodi Media player.  If he had the equipment, we could get him CNBC playing in his car in about a day or two. – max.  He was surprised because he had told me that he was told by many that it couldn’t be done. Maybe whoever told him this just isn’t in the know, or hasn’t done it.  We certainly have. There’s a very thorny issue that prevents us from doing this for anyone other than ourselves for testing purposes, or other early adopters who would agree to help us beta test and debug these systems we can build and the software.

Raspberry PI Kodi Streaming Box
My Homemade Streaming Box

The Issue of Licensing Content For Kodi

Actually, the licensing of other people’s content is the part that is difficult, time consuming and maybe impossible.  But, there are many tech people out there who are already doing this.  Nobody brags about it. You just simply cannot build a sustainable business model on the theft or unlicensed accessing of other people’s intellectual property without paying.  If you do get away with it today, you run the risk of getting sued tomorrow.

Lawyers spend way more time suing people than they do negotiating licensing deals for Kodi streaming content.  Anyhow, after a brief ‘hold harmless’ and disclaimer absolving me for any liability for any content he accessed – and leaving him to contact and negotiate or subscribe to the necessary content owners, we began his custom Kodi – Raspberry Pi build.

First, the build is a simple Raspberry Pi with Kodi installed as pictured here. This is the same box I featured in other articles I wrote.  You can view the YouTube video I created which shows you how to build one in the other articles. We used the Samsung MicroSD card and loaded the Kodi software onto it. Next the various hardware components were connected. After a few hours of tweaking settings, and other things – we were ready to use our phone and hot spot for internet access.

Kodi In The Car - CNBC on the Road
Kodi In The Car – Raspberry Pi Modern Uses

Connecting the Kodi RPi box to the car’s internal dashboard TV and other TV’s wasn’t difficult, but there were a few challenges.  Fortunately, we overcame these quickly.

After configuring the Kodi RPi box to scan the internet for available content sources, we were up and running. You can see the photo to the right.

Content Providers Offering Licensed Content For Streaming

Nearly all major content producers make their content available for streaming platforms now.  CNN now has CNN Go!  CNBC, Fox News, NBC and just about every news organization has content you can subscribe to legally. You can ccess this content on the go, in your car, on your tablet, wherever! Any Roku enabled device will let you access any of your licensed content. You can pick a Roku device or TV anwhere such as BestBuy, Walmart, Target or even Amazon online.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

Trying to watch CNBC on a tiny phone and following the tickers was not an experience we would turn to with joy.  But after we got our customer’s mobile Car PC up and running (thanks to Kodi and Raspberry Pi), we had an enhanced auto experience that he told me he was definitely going to use everyday!  As you can see, the video is clear, and there is virtually little to no buffering.  Translation – great car entertainment experience.  We believe this is the future of car entertainment.

See CNBC on Kodi In The Car Demo

As far as we’re concerned, we’re early adopters and the guys who actually put this stuff together. We’ve done our part and demonstrated that it is possible.  Now, we’ll leave it up to the consumers to demand it and pay for it, and the lawyers and CEO’s to negotiate, offer and market it.  Our ‘proof of concept’ shows that ‘WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY’.  If you want to see the actual video of the stream, CLICK HERE or on the photo image above.

Thanks for visiting this blog. We write about the stuff we’re doing in the enterprise, on the road, and in our homes from an I.T. perspective. We’ve got lots of stories coming so stay tuned.


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