Slow Computers Cost You Millions

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Are Slow Computers Costing You Money?

Slow Computers Can Cost Millions! You might not have given much thought about how much money your slow computer is costing you lately.  Slow computers are costing businesses millions of dollars that could have been invested in other areas. The culprit is lost productivity caused by slow computers and other tech issues. Let’s look at […]


Training For An IT Job Just Got A Lot Easier

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Pluralsight Security+ Training

Thinking About A Career In IT But Don’t Know Where To Start Or Get Training? Meet Pluralsight. For those who know me, I always try to have an even temperament with an ‘always on’ positive attitude.  There’s enough negativity in the world, and it won’t get any help from me.  That being said, TODAY, I’m […]


Router Bot Net Warning

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Router Vulnerabilties VPN Filter Bot Net

 A CLOSER LOOK AT THE DANGERS OF AN UNMANAGED ROUTER FBI On The Case… Your router may have been compromised. Seems like no one thinks much of their router.  Due to a recent news story about your router getting hacked, things maybe changing. As a result of recent hacks by foreign actors, the FBI shut […]


Spectre – Meltdown Real World Effects…

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meltdown spectre malware

SPECTRE & MELTDOWN HIT HARD (Fairfax, Virginia) Yesterday, I had the unpleasant experience of seeing the real world upfront and personal effects of the Spectre – Meltdown vulnerabilties and how they are hurting everyday people.  Imagine going to work everyday, faithfully depositing your paychecks into your bank accounts (checking, and savings), and then on the […]